About Marla


Marla helps people looking to create healing and balance in their lives through effective alternative methods. She has been working in her field and perfecting her craft(s) for over 10 years. What makes her unique, is her wide array of modalities, and how she combines these in different ways to best suit each client and their individual needs.

Marla’s areas of expertise include:

  • Rapid Eye Technology Life Skills: 12 years

  • Reiki Energy Healing: 15 years

  • Pranic Healing: 3 years

  • Essential Oils: 1 years

  • Matrix Energetics: 3 years



Working with Marla has opened my eyes to all new possibilities. She has a way of being both gentle and strong at the same time. I always look forward to our sessions together. 

-Zo Peacemaker

Dear Marla,

I would like to share my experience with the Rapid Eye work we have recently done together.  Whatever road in life I have traveled down there has never been a shortage of potholes to run into.  The other day I ran into another hole that was more a crater than a hole, a hole I thought had been filled in a long time ago.  That is when I got in touch with you and asked if you would help me clear a perception that seemed to be punishing me.

When we met at your office I didn’t really know what to expect, let alone the gift I was about to receive.  The session lasted two hours, I was amazed you could stay so focused, your attention was incredible.  In the middle of the session the word that kept expanding in my mind was “baptism”.  Now several days later I know that to be true.  I know that we are given so much energy a day to run our body and mind.  When I become overwhelmed with my past or at least my perception of it, my energy seems to be directed to keep those weeds alive and well.  Since the session I can truly say I have been a lot more present in the “here and now”.  I’m more present when listening to others.  When I’m in a group I can observe from outside the group and at the same time feel connected, like I have been injected into the veins of everyone there.  My fear of risking, living and loving is in the most manageable state it has every been.

I’m so looking forward to my next session from you.  I know all my possibilities are turning into probabilities.  Thank you Marla from the bottom of my heart!

-Craig R. Malecker LMT, CCST

Things come to us as we need it and boy did I NEED Rapid Eye Technology!

Indirectly and directly I experienced a very tragic thing.  This event brought up so much anger I didn’t know what to do with it.  My daughter, in all her wisdom reminded me about Marla and her work with Rapid Eye Technology.  It was an “aha!” moment.  I immediately called Marla.  She explained, in more detail what it was about, made suggestions for me and she concurred that this would be a positive experience to help me get through the strong emotions I was going through.

I had my first visit and didn’t know exactly what I was feeling afterwards.  I was sure I was not as stressed and calmer than before I got there.  Session after session I continued to feel better.  As time went on, my thoughts shifted.  I became more accountable for me, my actions and thoughts.  I am less reactive to situations, more casual and calm about the stuff big and small.  I have gone from being out of balance to being more grounded.

I am so happy to have experienced Rapid Eye Technology and Marla is so gifted in helping facilitate this modality.  A side note…all of this process has helped me be a better golfer!  I am grateful.


Following a referral, I started Rapid Eye Therapy with Marla Bosko in late May.  At the time I was so locked up emotionally that my life had become a hollow walk through wilted dreams and the dust of dried hopes.  I had tried everything multiple times.  A couple of psychotherapists had helped me over the years and I liked how clear my head seemed when we talked.  But I was never able to sustain the clarity or motivation very long, and so I have also spent nearly two decades seeking the right prescription medication, dose, and drug combinations.  Some things worked better than others and I’ve been on a stable regimen involving small doses of two medications for the past several years.  But the meds never gave me back myself.  They may have made living possible, but I lived without joy, hope, love, or success.  I was always angry and confused at the course of my life, and I felt powerless to change it.  At the time I came to Marla I had been unemployed or underemployed for 5 years, my finances were ruined and I was on the verge of divorce.

I felt I had exhausted every option I knew.  I had even tried acupuncture, tai chi, and native american philosophies and remedies.  My commitment to my own Christian faith never wavered, but I saw it as something that worked for other people, not me.  I simply couldn’t figure out the combination for a life of joy and success with God, and I had become bitter and angry with what I perceived to be His incessant games.  I was stuck.  I saw no doors I hadn’t already tried.

Finally, when I asked a long-time therapist friend about the possibility of doing some hypno-therapy to reach some of my core-beliefs that still restrained me, he suggested RET and gave me Marla Bosko’s information.

I would be impossible for me to overstate what RET has given me.  Just three months after beginning the therapy I have a brand new career in a field I had never considered but which fits perfectly.  I am also a part time graduate student, a dream I had  buried.  All of my relationships are better and I have more money in my bank account than at any time in the last three years.  Not everything is perfect, this is still life.  But for the first time in over a decade I am myself again.  Life is exciting and hopeful, I feel competent, capable, even powerful enough to create the life I want for myself and my family.  The envy, anger, jealousy, and general enmity I felt toward others is simply gone -without a fight.  And the condemnation and rage I used to turn loose on myself is hard to recall.  Most days I feel so confident, optimistic, at ease, and comfortable that I often find myself laughing or smiling at the simple grace and beauty of life.  I am more connected with the heart of my Creator than I can ever remember being.  This is the state of being, regardless of the circumstances of life, that I have always sought.  And here I am enjoying this peace week after week!

The miracle of RET and the transformation I’ve made is that it is so easy!  I had to allow the therapy to draw out a lifetime of negativity and clear the heavy energy from my brain and my body.  I had to be willing and allow the truth of who I am to be uncovered.  But this process is so simple it was easy at first to wonder if anything was going on.  RET is not invasive, physically or emotionally.  Your mind releases the trauma you are ready to release without a big production or need to delve into every detail.

I began to notice a different feeling of  openness, confidence, and lightness after just the second treatment.  Using the tools Marla suggested I have nurtured that experience on my own between sessions and it has grown quickly to engulf nearly all my experience and thoughts.  I am already doing, feeling, and experiencing things that I would have never dreamed just a few months ago.

When I came to RET I was ready to try anything to get my life back.  I was open tho the idea and to the modality.  Knowing that it was cheaper than other therapies and had a definite end point was helpful.  After the first session it was apparent it would not be particularly difficult, invasive, or fraught with side effects.  I jumped in, learned the lessons I needed to learn, and now I have my life back!

Different things work for different people, but I do not hesitate to recommend Marla Bosko and RET to everyone I know struggling with emotional distress, disorder, trauma, or simply a dis-satisfying or unsuccessful approach to life.


I would recommend Marla and her R.E.T to everyone who is open to changing the “way things are” and moving into learning about our personal role in all that we encounter. We can positively change the way we see things that happen to us. We don’t have to hang on to old patterned emotions. Life is good and R.E.T has been the most helpful in facilitating this for me.


About Rapid Eye Technology

At the leading edge of personal growth today, Rapid Eye Technology (RET) is a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of emotional stress. RET is currently sweeping the nation as a faster, less painful way of reaching and releasing the following:

  • Abuse of all kinds

  • Addictions of all kinds

  • Depression, Anger and Grief

  • Family and Relationship Patterns

Basically any issue that causes stress can be released, the body retrained, and the mind educated to think and react differently through the RET process and Skills for Life.

RET consists of essentially two parts:

  1. Identify and release the stress-causing factors on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level through the structured movement and blinking of the eyes (the RET process)

  2. Learn and apply new skills for life on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to create what we would rather experience in life.

Rapid Eye Technology is intended to complement rather than substitute for proper medical or psychological care. RET techniques and processes are tools for personal growth and as such are not intended for the treatment or diagnosis of any medical or psychological condition. If you are suffering from a medical or psychological condition of any kind seek out the advice of a qualified and licensed medical or psychological professional.

(Source: Rapid Eye Technology Website)